Arniel's Endeavor

Quest Giver

Urag gro-Shub


Fellglow Keep

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Completing College of Winterhold Main Questline

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Arniel's Endeavor


College of Winterhold Quest

Arniel's Endeavor is a Quest in Skyrim.



Arniel Gane has asked for help with a special project he's working on. Although he won't tell me what they're for, he wants me to bring him a number of Dwarven Cogs.



Part One

  • Deliver ten cogs to Arniel Gane.

Part Two

  • Speak to Enthir
  • Acquire the Staff.
  • Deliver the staff to Enthir
  • Talk to Arniel

Part Three

  • Place the warped soul gem into a Convector
  • Place the warped soul gem into another Convector
  • Place the warpred soul gem into a final Convector
  • Heat the Convector
  • Retrieve the soul gem
  • Deliver the soul gem to Arniel

Part Four

  • Talk to Enthir
  • Find the courier
  • Deliver the package to Arniel
  • Observe Arniel's experiment





  • TBA






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